Ending the recruitment and use of children requires a collective effort from children, their families, communities, local and international human rights organisations and the UN. In view of this, we collaborate with others wherever possible.

This is a challenging time for human rights organisations. The world faces multiple human rights crises, the spread of extremist ideologies, and the increasing use of military power by globally powerful countries. It is more important than ever to work together with others who share our goal, especially those who live in conflict-affected areas.


Children can be strong community and international advocates and are key to building a more peaceful world. Some of our projects support children to develop the technical knowledge and skills they need to bring change to their societies and speak out for children’s rights.

Communities and local organisations

The communities affected by the military exploitation of children are at the heart of our work and are our principal partners in working for change. We aim to add our strengths to theirs, and to gain their understanding of the challenges that their children face.

Child Soldiers International and the Cross Cultural Foundation deliver a workshop on child rights law for local activists in Pattani, southern Thailand, November 2015.

International organisations and the UN

We collaborate regularly with human rights and humanitarian organisations, UN bodies, and progressive governments. We share information and resources, encourage dialogue on child soldier issues and build partnerships so as to magnify our effectiveness in safeguarding the rights of children at an international level.