As a small organisation, we are able to keep our administrative costs to an absolute minimum. We don’t have a dedicated fundraising and administration department – all our team contribute to the delivery of our programs. This means that as much of your donation as possible can go straight to our work. 

Here are a few examples of activities that your donation could support:

  • £5 pays for the production and translation of an illustrated guide designed for community groups and government officials in their work to safeguard children from use by armed groups.
  • £30 pays for a former girl soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo to join ‘catch-up’ classes for a year.
  • £60 pays for a child living in a conflict area to participate in a media and child-rights workshop, away from the violence.
  • £100 pays for one of our partners in a community where children are at risk to attend a training session on preventing children’s involvement in armed groups.

Make a donation to our work.