Thailand: OPAC Shadow report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Child Soldiers International’s shadow report to the Committee documents concerns about Thailand’s implementation of its obligations under OPAC.

The 18 page report shows that despite evidence of involvement of children in both armed opposition groups and state-allied village defence militias such as the Chor Ror Bor, and the subsequent risk of their participation in hostilities, Thailand has failed to explicitly criminalize underage recruitment by all groups, nor has it implemented programs to support the release and recovery of child soldiers. The administrative detention of children suspected of association with non-state armed groups, under the Martial Law and/or Emergency Decree occurred in 2011 as did the refoulement of child refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, including child soldiers to Myanmar. The Thai government continues to prevent UN agencies from gaining access to representatives of non-state armed groups from Myanmar based in Thailand.

Download this report here.