Priority to Protect

Children under the age of 18 are exposed to significant risks due to their association with Chor Ror Bor (village defence volunteers), research by Child Soldiers International and Justice for Peace Foundation shows. Basing their findings on mid-2010 field research in 19 villages in southern Thailand, the organisations found that in over 65 per cent of the villages visited, children were formal members of the village Chor Ror Bor unit or, if not actual members, were performing some or all of the duties associated with membership.

The joint 22-page report demonstrates children’s contact with weapons, including through training and informal association with Chor Ror Bor, poses significant risks to their physical safety and wellbeing and exposes them to serious injuries, including the risk of attacks by armed groups or their involvement in military operations against armed groups. An absence of clear prohibition in law, incomplete implementation and lack of effective oversight and accountability, results in a situation where children may still enlist or otherwise provide support to their local Chor Ror Bor unit.

Download this report here.