We are delighted that so many schools are doing projects to learn about children’s lives in other parts of the world – this kind of education fosters solidarity among children and can contribute to peace in the long term.

We receive many questions from children about where child soldiers are used, what they experience, what happens when they return home from war, and what can be done to stop children from being used in this way. Many of these questions are answered in our schools resource pack.

Often, children want to raise awareness among their classmates and families about child soldiers. Sometimes, they also ask to take action themselves and fundraise for our work to stop children from being used as soldiers. If you would like to set up a fundraising page, please sign up here and we will be in touch with you.

Or if you’re running your own fundraising event for us you may prefer to download a sponsorship form to collect donations. 

Whatever you’re planning, we would be happy to send more information about our work, including fundraising leaflets that can be given to friends and family.

Schools fundraising

A big thank you to Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School in Nebraska, USA, for fundraising for Child Soldiers International recently. During 7th grade students learn about world culture and human rights. The photo below shows presentation boards created by the students on the the issue of child soldiers. 

Photo (top) © Ryan Roco/Child Soldiers International; (above two) Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School