We have a London Marathon Runner!

Runner: Paul Blair

Running the London Marathon has been a goal of Paul's for many years. This is his year and we are so excited that he chose to run for Child Soldiers International!

Paul will be running the London Marathon for the WORLD RECORD FOR HULA HOOPING WHILE RUNNING A MARATHON!

Paul is no stranger to supporting charitable causes. He undertakes a lot of his own charity work overseas through his programme Eco Orbits and has recently returned from three months in Ghana. He runs a programme that turns plastics bags into footballs, nets and baskets, thereby providing equipment to eager sporting children.

As a performer, his astonishing hula-hooping abilities are central to his shows. He has performed on stages far and wide, big and small. His Guinness Book of World Records attempt will be a worthy thing to see and support.

To see a bit more of what Paul does go here: Eco Orbits: Action Entertainment meets Community Action!

You can find his Eco Orbits program on facebook

Race Date: 23 April 2017
Distance: 26.2 miles  

Photo © Mark Emery