We are delighted that so many schools are doing projects to learn about children’s lives in other parts of the world – this kind of education fosters compassion and solidarity and can contribute to peace in the long term.

We have developed a lesson plan targeted at children aged between 9 and 13, but adaptable for other age ranges.  The lesson plan accompanies a PowerPoint presentation (this includes a video-clip, recommended for review before presenting) and includes learning objectives; suggested resources; and associated literacy activities.

Please download these resources (also available at www.tes.com/resources), and feel free to share any feedback with us.

  • Learning about child soldiers - aged 9 to 13: Download
  • Teaching resource - world map: Download
  • Outline lesson plan - ages 9 to 13: Download

Coming soon: with the generous support of our teaching friends, we’re working on lesson plans for children aged between 13 and 17.  We’ll add these to this page as soon as they’re ready.

Our schools fundraising page offers resources and advice for children wishing to support our work to end the use of child soldiers.  If we can help in any way we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a line: info@child-soldiers.org 

Schools fundraising

A big thank you to Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School in Nebraska, USA, for fundraising for Child Soldiers International recently. During 7th grade students learn about world culture and human rights. The photo below shows presentation boards created by the students on the the issue of child soldiers. 

Photo (top) © Panos Pictures; (above two) Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School