We want all children to enjoy their human rights, free from military use and exploitation. To achieve this, we work with communities to prevent child recruitment, and to support the reintegration of former child soldiers. We advocate for stronger legal standards worldwide. And we campaign to ensure that decision-makers protect children’s rights more effectively.

Our strategy

Our three-year strategy is informed by one overarching goal: to prevent all military recruitment of any child under the age of 18. This will be done by lobbying all states with armed forces to Declare18! by adopting 18 as the minimum age for military recruitment.

Our work with communities

We collaborate with communities, helping them to safeguard their children from recruiters, while also building information about the problem and developing effective responses. Working with those communities, we then engage with national and international authorities to better protect children’s rights.

Our work with children

Together with local partners, we support children to avoid being recruited and used for military purposes. With the right support, children can become powerful advocates for their own rights and are often the most effective campaigners in their own communities.

Our research and advocacy

We combine our projects in a handful of priority countries with work to improve standards internationally.

Most of the world is moving slowly towards an effective ban on involving anyone under the age of 18 in armed forces or groups, although there is still a long way to go. We support this process and challenge actions that undermine it, with the aim of one day seeing an end to the use of children by all military forces.

We encourage debate on the impact of recruitment on children themselves. Our psycho-social resources provide current perspectives and we promote dialogue between experts.

Annual Report 2017-18

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Annual Report 2016-17

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