jasper Chen Hello this is Jasper, Tina and Sheryl from Buttonville Public School. We are Grade 8's from Canada. Our fundraising page is supporting care packages for child soldiers. We were hoping to get 500 Canadian Dollars and not pounds, but if we reach that goal it would be amazing. Our team is hoping to go out and sell tags or badges to support and spread awareness in child soldiers.

Here are a few examples of activities that your donation could support:

£5 pays for the production and translation of an illustrated guide designed for community groups and government officials in their work to safeguard children from use by armed groups.
£30 pays for a former girl soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo to join ‘catch-up’ classes for a year.
£60 pays for a child living in a conflict area to participate in a media and child-rights workshop, away from the violence.
£100 pays for one of our partners in a community where children are at risk to attend a training session on preventing children’s involvement in armed groups. jasper Chen