Jetta McLaggan Every day is a struggle and we all have our demons. In our head, in our home, at our appointments, at our workplace, and so much so we resent our adult lives.

Our demons aren't anything compared to that, a conscripted child faces.

Although not a child anymore, the demons of my childhood live on even though I am in education, I have plenty to eat and drink, decent clothes, support and I feel love, everyday.
The childhood demons are still there.

They are still nothing compared to a child enlisted, but they are still there.
So, with the dawn of yet another year of my life, I want to make the 27th one matter.
In my 27th year I will be graduating with my masters, late but still trying to find my feet, whilst a child as young as 20+ years my junior will be given a gun, will be subjected to sexual slavery, may be given addictive substances and will be asked to do things that no person,abit no small child ought to even know of.

Not sure if this is out of altruism,privileged guilt/mental health shame or moral responsibility. Regardless, I would love some help and support in the charity closest to my heart.

Contemporary international law is failing to fully recognise a child soldier for what she or he is. A child. Not purely a combatant.

I will work my hardest to get a career where I can work behind the legal scenes to help the children, but in the meantime I need help to help those children who are suffering now.
Those subject to violence, sexual slavery, substance abuse and exile.

So for my 27th year, I would like it to mean something.
A relatively small target of £730, which is £2 per day being 27.
(I may be doing mini fundraising things throughout the year if I'm brave enough!! xD )

Thank you for anything you are able to contribute!

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Jetta McLaggan