A catalogue of the most recent Freedom of Information replies and other government documents received by Child Soldiers International.


  • Infantry training drop out rate: These official figures show that British infantry recruits (where recruits under the age of 18 are over-represented) are particularly likely to drop out of training, which leaves them looking for another job. In 2013/14 and 2014/15, 29 per cent of infantry recruits aged between 16 and 17.5 left the army during training. Approximately half left by choice, and half were dismissed by the army.

FOI Infantry Intake request - April 2017: Download

FOI Infantry Intake request - May 2017: Download


  • Action: GCSE re-sits for JE recruits’, Jan 2016: Download
  • DFE Response July 2016: Download
  • UK Army recruitment environment: Download


  • UK Army education offer: Download
  • Letter provided to miniors offered a job in the UK Army: Download
  • UK Armed Forces policy on education: Download
  • Assessment of educationsal provisions for UK Army's youngest enlistees: Download
  • Educational level of youngest UK Army recruits: Download
  • UK Army enlistment consent verification: Download
  • Welfare statistics for UK Army's youngest enlistees: Download
  • Army recruiting group eligibility guick reference guide: Download
  • Internal Ministry of Defence document: Policy on recruiting minors: Download
  • Internal Ministry of Defence document: Policy on recruiting minors (aged 16 to 17.5 years) into the army compared with recruiting from age 17.5 and above: Download
  • Ofsted, Army Foundation College (Harrogate) MoD Inspection Report 2012: Download
  • Brig Cavanagh, Witness Statement: Download
  • Lt Col Lane, Witness Statement: Download
  • Maj Gen Tickell, Witness Statement: Download