Those who unlawfully use children for military purposes should be held to account. Read more


Children associated with armed forces or groups can run a high risk of arbitrary detention and imprisonment, leading to deep and lasting harm. Read more

International standards

Child Soldiers International promotes the adoption and implementation of international legal standards protecting children from military recruitment or use in hostilities. Read more

Non-state armed groups

Non-state armed groups are any military or paramilitary organisations that are not official institutions of a state. Read more


A substantial proportion of children experiencing armed violence will suffer psychological and social problems as a result. Read more


Reintegration is the process through which children formerly associated with armed forces/groups are supported to return to civilian life and play a valued role in their families and communities. Read more

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse of children refers to any sexual act, or attempt at a sexual act, with a child, including through force, trickery or pressure of any form. Read more