We worked to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers by national police and armed forces.Read more

Central African Republic

In Central African Republic we are strengthening the capacity of the government and others to end the exploitation of children by armed groups, and to enable children to return home.Read more

Democratic Republic of Congo

We're supporting former girls child soldiers to reintegrate back into their families and communities.Read more


Our work in India focused on the protection of children recruited by armed groups in the state of Jharkhand.Read more


As efforts continue to bring Myanmar’s long-running civil wars to a close, we are working to ensure that all sides stop recruiting children and allow those in the ranks to return home safely.Read more

Occupied Palestinian Territories

In the Occupied Palestinian Territories we worked to protect children at risk of involvement in conflict by supporting them to express their views through safe and positive artistic projects.Read more


In Thailand, we worked with local organisations to document violations of children’s rights, supporting local advocacy initiatives to strengthen child protection.Read more

UK: Soldiers at 16 - The other side of the story

Thinking of signing up at 16? The army might not be what you think: take two minutes to find out why.Read more

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom we're working for a rise in the minimum enlistment age from 16 to 18 years.Read more