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Those who unlawfully use children for military purposes should be held to account. Read more


We worked to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers by national police and armed forces. Read more

Annual accounts

Child Soldiers International relies upon the financial support of grant making bodies, national governments and donations from public individuals and groups. Read more

Central African Republic

In Central African Republic we are strengthening the capacity of the government and others to end the exploitation of children by armed groups, and to enable children to return home. Read more

Child protection policy

This policy summarises the code of conduct applicable to all trustees, staff, consultants, representatives of organisations working in partnership with Child Soldiers International Read more

Child Soldiers Info

Who are child soldiers? Which countries use child soldiers? Why are children used in wars and conflict? Who recruits and uses child soldiers for military purposes? Read more

Child Soldiers World Index

The global authority on the recruitment and use of children by state armed forces and non-state armed groups Read more