A selection of our latest videos detailing recent campaigns and research work.

What The Girls Say: The Difficult Journey Home | February 2018

It is estimated that up to 40% of all child soldiers in Democratic Republic of Congo are girls. They are often subject to horrific sexual and physical abuse in armed groups and what's more, many are rejected by their communities when they do return home.

This is Justine's story.

Produced for Child Soldiers International - in partnership with the Education Above All Foundation - by Positive Negatives.

World Charity Day | September 2017

5 September is the International Day of Charity.But, did you know that of the $174bn ODA funding received by charities in 2015, just over $1bn went to ending violence against children?

The month in numbers | August 2017

A round-up of the key dates and figures on issues relating to child soldiers over the past month.

Red Hand Day Campaign | August 2017

Support Red Hand Day on 12 February 2018 - the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers. Here is a video explaining how schools can get involved in our campaign.

The month in numbers | July 2017

A round-up of the key dates and figures on issues relating to child soldiers over the past month.

Democratic Republic of Congo | June 2017

Many suffer serious sexual and physical abuse while kept in armed groups, living with a daily fear of violence and the prospect of fighting.

Democratic Republic of Congo | June 2017

Returning girl soldiers face multiple challenges when going back home to their family and communities with stigma and family rejection commonplace. This is Anourite's story.

Democratic Republic of Congo | June 2017

Ahead of our upcoming report focused on the country's returning girl soldiers, here is a brief snapshot of what to expect

UK Soldiers at 16: The other side of the story | January 2017

UK Soldiers at 16: Are army adverts realistic? | January 2017

The MoD launched its new £3m advertising campaign in January, but how authentic is its portrayal of army life?

UK Soldiers at 16: What's army training like? | January 2017

“Before you join the army you should have to sign another document saying you’re about to be subject to six months mental conditioning that could effectively change your mentality for life.”

UK Soldiers at 16: How much bullying is there in the army? | January 2017

“One of the things that used to get said a lot was 'look away'. So we’d all just turn around so we’re not seeing these things.”

UK Soldiers at 16: What’s daily life like in the army? | January 2017

Many children expect the British army to be exciting every day, but most of the time there isn't much to do.

UK Soldiers at 16: What's it like to kill someone? | January 2017

“No human being as a kid wants to kill another human so they manipulate language by calling a person a target."

UK Soldiers at 16: What's it like to see someone killed? | January 2017

"You see this guy that you’re friends with…and then all of a sudden his legs are just blown up. That’s a life changing effect."

UK Soldiers at 16: A mum's point of view | January 2017

"I think the army give you a distorted self. He had disassociated himself and that was upsetting, you don't want to see that in your son."

UK Soldiers at 16: Do soldiers get a good education in the army? | January 2017

"I can walk far with a lot of weight on my back. I can shoot someone. But that’s not really what someone wants to hear at a job interview."

UK Soldiers at 16: What's life like after the army? | January 2017 

Recruits discharged from training while under 18 are at increased risk of homelessness, crime, unemployment and substance misuse when they return to civilian life.

UK Soldiers at 16: How do veterans deal with how the military has changed them? | January 2017 

UK Soldiers at 16: The experience of a female recruit | January 2017

A former teenage recruit tells of a culture of sexual abuse and bullying for young women in the armed forces

Uganda | December 2016 

Director Isabelle Guitard speaks to Deutsche Welle about the ongoing trial of former Ugandan child soldier Dominic Ongwen at the ICC

Democratic Republic of Congo | March 2016

Our researchers discuss their work with returning girl soldiers in the country