A new book of poems launched today aims to raise awareness of the experiences of child soldiers around the world.

Poet Alveena Bakhshi is dedicating profits from sales of the publication, ‘Shot to Make Look Good: A Homage to Child Soldiers’, to human rights organisation, Child Soldiers International.

Bakhshi says she was ‘drawn to the injuries to the soul of child soldiers, and girls in particular.’ She has written the collection because she says she ‘felt compelled to join my voice with theirs’.

Each of the 70 poems, although brief, unadorned and literal, provide a youthful insight to the emotional experiences of children caught in difficult times.

Bakhshi chose to donate the proceeds from her debut poetry book to the charity because, she says: ‘research and analysis is fundamental to advocacy, and can be a force of change’.

Carol Steel, Director of Operations for Child Soldiers International said: ‘These poems provide a sensitive and respectful contribution to the issue of child soldiers. We are incredibly grateful to Alveena for turning her passion and creativity into both in a meaningful book and a valuable source of support.’

A successful writer in economic and financial research, Bakhshi has worked closely with children throughout her life, particularly disadvantaged youth facing social and personal difficulties.

During her own childhood she travelled extensively with her father in the Indian army, seeing for herself the experiences of children in Tehran; Baha’i and Tibetan exiles; Afghan refugees and Chinese immigrants.

Mark A Drumbl, Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University, provides a perceptive foreword to the poems.

The book is available to buy online now from Amazon.