A joint letter to the UN Secretary General (UNSG), signed by 44 organizations working to protect the rights of children in armed conflict, including Child Soldiers International. The letter urges the UNSG not to “freeze” new additions of parties to conflict that commit grave violations of children’s rights to the annexes to his 2017 annual report to the UN Security Council on children and armed conflict.

The letter urges the UNSG to issue an updated list with his report, including all perpetrators responsible for patterns of grave violations against children in 2016. Additionally it highlights the increasing politicization of the list, which is something the international community must collectively guard against, as it undermines the basic principle that a party to conflict is listed for one reason alone, i.e., a pattern of documented, UN-verified evidence of grave violations against children.

The evidence of grave violations against children continues to be overwhelming, and in some countries is only growing. In the face of widespread impunity, now is not the time to “freeze” new additions to the list, but to ensure that it includes all perpetrators, with no exceptions. To do otherwise would undermine the UNSG’s Human Rights up Front initiative, and efforts to achieve accountability.     

To read the full letter download it here.