Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

Child Soldiers International (‘CSI’) is committed to continual improvement in reducing its effect on the environment in any reasonable way possible. As an organization, our environmental impacts arise from:

• greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and travel;
• the use of non-renewable resources; and
• waste generation.

To minimize this impact the CSI has established the following guidelines:

Recycling and waste
• CSI will recycle all that is possible from the waste generated by the office. The organization operates recycling bins for paper, cardboard and printer cartridges. All other general waste is collected for sorting by Recycling for London.
• CSI issues guidance to staff minimize the production of waste materials. Computers are set by default to print on both sides of the paper, and documents are submitted for internal review electronically.
• CSI disposes of computers and other electrical equipment in a responsible manner, recycling wherever possible.

• Employees use public transport wherever possible when conducting business for CSI.
• Where practical, journeys to Europe or within a country (eg. New York to Washington) will be made by train.
• CSI operates a ‘cycle to work’ scheme, in which all members of staff are encouraged to participate.

• CSI ensures that energy is saved wherever possible in the office by switching off all lights and electrical appliances out of office hours.
• Desktop computers and monitors and printers are switched off when not in use.

• Where possible we aim to source goods and services locally, from suppliers that demonstrate sound environmental performance.
• We aim to purchase goods, including printing paper, made from recycled materials wherever possible.

Environmental Legislation

• We aim to meet, and where possible exceed, the requirements of environmental legislation

Responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with every member of staff. This policy is reviewed annually by the Administrative Officer.