Un Enfant ne Doit pas Être un Soldat!
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Un enfant ne doit pas être un soldat!
In cooperation with UNICEF Chad, Child Soldiers International has created a booklet illustrated by a Chadian artist which outlines key concepts relating to children’s rights, focusing on international laws, existing Chadian national and military policies relating to the prohibition of the military recruitment and use of children in armed conflict.
Chad Report
Optional Protocol:
Ratified August 2002
Compulsory recruitment age:
Voluntary recruitment age:

In Chad child soldier use by armed forces and non-state armed groups has been extensive. From 2006, large numbers of children were recruited into the Chadian army to fight against armed opposition groups. The latter also recruited girls and boys extensively and used them to fight in hostilities. In addition, during the Chad-Sudan proxy war (2005-2010), the Chadian government supported Sudanese armed groups recruiting children on its territory.

Although hostilities have now ended and the government has committed to stopping underage recruitment and use, many of the conditions that facilitated it during the armed conflict are unchanged. Recruitment of under-18s by the army continues to occur sporadically and, if conflict erupted again, would almost certainly resume on a large scale.

Our current work in Chad aims to:

  • Draw attention to the continuing risk of unlawful recruitment of children by the national army.
  • Pressure the government and the UN to work together to put in place effective and durable prevention mechanisms, namely by implementing the action plan to end the recruitment and use of children by the national army agreed in June 2011, and by fulfilling Chad’s obligations under OPAC.
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