NEWS RELEASE: Army training 'more harmful than the war' - veterans

Veterans warn young people about ‘traumatic’ army training.Read more

A former child soldier at the ICC

A former commander in the Lord’s Resistance Army goes on trial for 70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.Read more

Judgment: Child Soldiers International vs. Secretary of State for Defence

In 2014 Child Soldiers International launched a judicial review against the Army's Terms of Service Regulations, on the grounds that they unfairly discriminate against younger recruits. The claim was heard at the Royal Courst of Justice in June 2015.Read more

Press Release: Army defies child rights campaigners, intensifies intake of 16-year-olds for riskiest roles

Figures released today reveal that the British Army has increased its intake of 16-year-olds.Read more

Save the date - 12 February 2018

Child Soldiers International to mark the 18th anniversary of the adoption of the key child soldier treaty, OPAC, in 2018 in NYC.Read more

Poverty, insecurity driving girls into armed groups in DRC

Child Soldiers International warns that girls in the eastern DRC are joining armed groups because they cannot afford to go to school.Read more

Education protects girls in DRC from recruitment

Dropping out of school is a key factor in many girls joining armed groups in the DRC, a new report by Child Soldiers International reveals.Read more

Lack of school drives girls into armed groups in eastern Congo

Dozens of armed groups in DRC prey on locals and exploit mineral reserves, and girls forced to join militia groups for food, money and protection.Read more

Education crucial in preventing recruitment of girls

Staying in school protects girls from recruitment and assists their reintegration in DRC, says our report.Read more